We don’t just build buildings, we build relationships

At Brayton Construction, safety is our number one priority on ALL project sites and is one of our primary commitments to the Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, and Employees for all projects.

We strive to meet or exceed all OSHA standards. Our safety program includes an audit at each job site multiple times each month. The audit generates a report of the findings, both positive and negative, which allows Brayton to identify the most common safety mistakes and address them immediately. We share the reports with both the Subcontractors and Owners allowing each party to see that safety is our top concern. Allowing Owners to see the report also gives a confidence and assurance that their campus is following the required rules and regulations to keep everyone safe.

From the beginning stages of pre-construction, we gather existing site information, such as where things are located, and make a site safety plan based on that information. The worksite is isolated with a rigid barricade or construction fence to keep non-essential personnel out of the construction area. This is especially critical to have in place on an existing campus to keep those in or around the area out of harm’s way.

Throughout the project, the site safety plan will continually be modified due to the changing logistics of the site. The Owner is involved and notified before any changes are made. We understand that the daily schedule of the facility may change, and we make accommodations as necessary to ensure a safe site for all involved.

Safety is maintained at a high level of quality until the building is 100% complete and turned over to the Owner. We take great pride in protecting your investment and it is our commitment to return the property in better condition than when we arrived. Our goal is to have every worker return home to their family every day.