We don’t just build buildings, we build relationships

We are fortunate to make a living doing what we love, and we take great pride in serving the liturgical community that has allowed us to do so.

Our commitment is evidenced by the long-standing relationships we have built and the productive partnerships that we continue to invest in. We don’t just build buildings, we build relationships. We create efficiencies by seamlessly integrating all aspects of the construction process from project conception to completion and well beyond. It is our commitment to provide exceptional value to our clients by delivering unparalleled expertise in general contracting, construction management, pre-construction and design-build services. With almost 70 years of combined experience, our project management team will ensure a smooth process every step of the way including planning and scheduling, design and budget reviews, safety and quality assurance.

“In God, We Trust”

Our Team:

  • Terry Smith, President
  • Barrett Dyess, Vice President
  • Matt Rey, Project Manager
  • Sean Kiley, Project Manager
  • Melissa Jarrell, Accounting Manager
  • Anna Roark, Safety Director


Each project is led by the core values that drive us each and every day – Efficiency, Trust, and Honesty.

Efficiency: (ef-fi-cien-cy) noun; The quality or degree of being efficient; capable of producing desired results with little or no waste (as of time or materials). (Merriam-Webster)

Trust: noun; (assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or trust of someone or something. (Merriam-Webster)

Honesty (hon-es-ty) noun; fairness and straightforwardness of conduct. (Merriam-Webster)